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Christmas at Keecie


The exciting last weeks before Christmas have arrived. We are very busy at the office gift wrapping all your orders. It's so nice to see what items are being given to friends and family. We hope you also don’t forget to give yourself something every now and then.

We expect two more deliveries from our sewing studio in Poland before Christmas. All your favourite colours will be back in stock. There are no delays in the shipment. The delivery of your orders is still on schedule.


We used to make homemade New Year's cards at home…and my parents still do. I wanted to keep up that tradition at Keecie this year. That's why you will receive a hand-stamped card with every order. Together with my team, Julie and Sandy, I spend an afternoon making them. We had a lovely time, with the decorated Christmas tree in sight and a few Christmas chocolates at hand.


Maybe you recognize the print? It is a part of the olive branch that is also screen printed by hand in our Wish Tree shoulder bag. Since the olive branch is the symbol of peace and hope, we think it very well suited to this Christmas period.


Also on a personal level, Christmas is a time of tradition. My great-aunts used to make puzzles themselves. They looked up beautiful pictures in magazines, pasted them on wood and then sawed out the pieces by hand. During the Christmas holidays putting these puzzles together was something we did together with the whole family. And everybody’s help was definitely needed as there was no box, so no example of what the end result should look like.

We wish you a healthy new year with lots of love!

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