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All Keecie bags and wallets are made by hand from unique pieces of Italian leather. Italian leather is famous for its rock-solid quality. This is why your Keecie can last a lifetime. Actually, over the years your Keecie will only become more beautiful! You will see that daily use will add personality to the leather.

Keecie founder Klaartje de Hartog:

"We design our products to last a lifetime. I believe that the times of buying a new bag every season are absolutely over.

I really enjoy it when i see people using our Keecie bags and wallets for many years. This makes me so happy!
I myself have been using my dark brown Picking Flowers bag for almost 10 years now. "


At Keecie we believe that quality control and repair service are essential to sustainability. For us, this is just as important as the design itself.
So whenever a button or zipper is broken, you can contact us by email and we will repair your Keecie free of charge.

Klaartje de Hartog:

"When I am designing a new bag, I always keep in mind that it should be easy to wear - but also easy to repair. This is why we don't use any linings in our bags, for instance. It simply makes a bag much less likely to break! Also, we work with reliable zippers and buttons that last very long, even with frequent use!
Fortunately, it seldom happens that we need to repair a Keecie.'

Contact us

In case you need a repair of your Keecie bag or wallet, please contact us by email. We will do our best to repair it for you!
We just love to see you wearing and enjoying your Keecie for many more years to come!

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