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Keecie team

Klaartje de Hartog

Designer and Keecie founder 

‘Wherever I go, I always have a notebook and a fine pen with me, as every Keecie design starts with a sketch. Nature is a great source of inspiration for me.
I can endlessly watch birds, plants and leaves. I don’t necessarily have to leave the city for this – I also look for nature in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, the photos I end up taking may just lead to a print in a bag. Like the photo I took from our hotel window in Turkey.

I immediately noticed that the leaf of the Jacaranda tree would make a nice print. You can see it on the inside of the iPhone cover Hide & Seek. As it happens, I often get ideas for prints on vacation. I do much more drawing because I simply have more time. And no, it doesn’t feel like I’m working during the holidays! Drawing is relaxation for me.’

Julie Scheurer

Administration & Customer service

‘If you are looking for me, I can usually be found in
the warehouse, surrounded by bags. We deliver all over the world, and we do our best to ship every order the same day. This means that I have to keep a close eye on our inventory, also in order to check what needs to be manufactured in the sewing workshop in Poland. I don’t want people to have to wait too long for their Keecie bag or wallet. I gift-wrap each order as a present, which is nice for the customer to receive. What’s funny is that
I now do exactly what I always wanted to do as a child. Already back then, I dreamt of working in a toy store and gift-wrapping the presents.’

Annette van Ijken

Customer service, Marketing & Sales

‘Managing the web shop, writing newsletters, answering e-mails, managing contacts with stores abroad – a typical working day at Keecie is easily filled. The fact that we are such a small team makes contact with customers very personal. When clients call, they will always get one of us on the line. But coming up with new prints and designs: that’s really Klaartje’s area of expertise. Although Julie and I do make some suggestions from time to time ... Before I started working here, I was also in retail. It just seems to suit me. Although I almost ended up in a completely different industry: I was training to become a forest ranger. And the fact that I know a lot about plants comes in handy of course when working with a brand like Keecie. It’s not a coincidence that my favourite Keecie bag is Picking Flowers!’

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