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15 Unique Keecie colors



At Keecie we like to offer you a wide range of color. That is why you can choose from 15 unique Keecie colors. They look great combined and are designed to match with almost every outfit. We hope you will find the colors that suit you! Because today you might choose a neutral outfit, and tomorrow you may prefer something more playful and go for color. Just to brighten things up a little!


Klaartje de Hartog: 'The great thing about our large color palette is that it appeals to many different people. Some people dress in a very colorful way, while others prefer more sober, neutral colors. It depends on the design as well of course: a large bag like our 'Elephant Joke' looks completely different in pink than in brown, for example. And then people also use their bag like a fashion accessory at times: to pimp an outfit, or when they go out at night. That’s why we also have gold and silver-colored leather. This immediately adds a shiny, festive touch to any outfit!’


We find inspiration for our Keecie colors during trips abroad and in nature. Even a small walk through the park can bring us a great idea for a new color! Subsequently, the 15 unique Keecie colors are created and mixed in Italy by real leather experts. This is a very precise job! The result can last for years. A color like 'Dusty Green' or 'Ink Blue' for example, is a classic, original in it’s very own way and actually, they both fit nicely with almost everything. A color like 'Cement' or 'Cognac' are nice basics too. In the end we find everyone has their own favorite Keecie color!


And if you find it difficult to choose from all our unique colors: no problem! We can send you a few samples, if you like. Then at least you are completely sure that your new Keecie will be a hit!

Color samples can be requested (a maximum of 5) via post@keecie.nl, please state the colors you’re interested in. We hope you enjoy picking the right Keecie color for you!



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