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Leather treatment

Leather with a 'Used Look'

Leather that has been treated with paraffin, which ages it.
It's not necessary to spray your Keecie product with a leather spray. The leather is treated with paraffin and is therefore water resistant.
If the leather gets scratched, you can make it disappear by rubbing over it with your hand: the warmth of your hand will do the trick. If after a few years the leather has a lot of scratches on it, you can make them disappear by first warming up the leather with a hairdryer and then rubbing with your hand over the scratches.

Coloured Leather

Leather that has been coloured in one of the Keecie colours.
Although it isn’t necessary, you may spray and clean your Keecie product with a special leather spray. The colour of the leather won't fade, also not after a rain shower.

If your Keecie product displays a defect as a result of a manufacturing error, please contact us via email. We will then make sure we repair it in the proper Keecie way.

Request color sample

At Keecie we like to offer you a wide range of color. That is why you can choose from 15 unique Keecie colors. They look great combined and are designed to match with almost every outfit. We hope you will find the colors that suit you! Because today you might choose a neutral outfit, and tomorrow you may prefer something more playful and go for color. Just to brighten things up a little!

And if you find it difficult to choose from all our unique colors: no problem! We can send you a few samples, if you like. Then at least you are completely sure that your new Keecie will be a hit!

Color samples can be requested (a maximum of 5) via post@keecie.nl, please state the colors you’re interested in. We hope you enjoy picking the right Keecie color for you!

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