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Keecie recently unveiled their latest creation, the stunning Day Dreamer bag, crafted from exquisite Italian leather. This elegant tote bag comes with a complementary matching pouch called Dream On. We had the opportunity to speak with Klaartje de Hartog, the designer behind Keecie, to learn more about the design process.


As a lover of bags, Klaartje set out to create a tote bag that would not only be visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting. Departing from the usual cotton or plastic materials, she took on the challenge of designing a tote made from high-quality leather, ensuring it would withstand the test of time. Of course, the Day Dreamer bag is available in the signature range of vibrant Keecie colours.


Klaartje begins her design process by sketching and jotting down ideas in a notebook. From there, she brings all these ideas to life by creating a paper sample bag. This stage allows her to tweak and refine every detail until the design reaches its final form.

Before finalizing the design, Keecie produces a leather sample in their Amsterdam studio. This meticulous step ensures that each aspect of the design is meticulously evaluated for both quality and functionality.


Once satisfied with the design, Klaartje sends it to the sewing studio in Poland. Skilled craftsmen transform her vision into the first sample bag made of leather. It is then sent back to Klaartje for testing, as she believes that a great design must not only be visually appealing but also functional. Consequently, the bag may go back and forth between the studio and the sewing studio for adjustments until it meets her high standards.


At this stage, Klaartje also designs the print for the bag's interior, a distinctive element that embodies the essence of Keecie. Reflecting her affection for stationery, the design is inspired by her extensive collection of beautiful notebooks, pens, envelopes, and cards, some of which are still printed by hand. Once the print design is finalized, it is transferred to the computer for screen printing into each bag during production.



Following meticulous adjustments and approval, Keecie travels to the sewing studio in Poland to finalize details before production commences. Every Keecie bag is handmade with great care and craftsmanship by a family-operated sewing studio with years of experience.


Klaartje also emphasizes the bag's versatility, as it can be worn in multiple ways – by its leather handles, casually draped over the shoulder using the long shoulder strap, or even across the body. The Day Dreamer is the perfect companion for modern, practical day-to-day use, with ample space to accommodate a laptop.

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