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Keecie enthusiast Dorina - Plant&Stek



If, after one of your best friends points you to Keecie, you suddenly see the brand everywhere and are curious about which silkscreen you will discover on the inside next, because as a graphic designer it makes your heart beat faster...then a Keecie lover is born. This time, we let Dorina (from Hasselt) do the talking. On her Instagram account Plant&Stek, she shares her love for plants, vintage, and cats. A better match with Keecie is practically impossible!


My Keecie collection began with my search for a waterproof tote bag to take to work. That's when I came upon the Hungry Harry. Perfect for carrying my lunch. Immediately, I also bought a Mini Me in Cognac to hold my extra cards. Every time I open it, I think: How nice! 

When I was looking for a new wallet, I stumbled upon the Cat Chase small (in Forest) and of course, with my love for cats (yay crazy cat lady here) I couldn't help but choose this one.


When we go on outings, I like to take a drink can with me and this one fits perfectly in the beautiful Picking Flowers. I got this one second hand and actually the colour Dark Brown is even prettier just because it's been used. If I just need a smaller bag, I choose the Small Wishes in Lavender for my cards and some change.


My friend Sarah, who put me on the trail of Keecie, also encouraged me to choose a nice colour for my bag, because your bag is a real eye-catcher that completes your look. How glad I am that I took her advice, because I am totally in love with my Off Duty bag in the colour Aubergine. The screen print inside always reminds me of a lovely summer day in our garden. I love it!


The love of nature was passed down to me from my father, as was my interest in more sustainable living. As a child, I often went to flea markets with my parents. There you could score numerous gems. You can see that in our interior, which consists mostly of vintage furniture and fun second-hand deco. When I changed rooms, I suddenly had a windowsill that was empty. This is where I started putting plants, and before I knew it, my room was full, and the plants were spreading throughout the rest of the house. After a while I started the Instagram account Plant&Stek, on which I shared my passion for plants and interior design (and also occasionally our cats, Oscar, Minoushe, Casper and Otto).


So it started indoors, but my passion for plants is increasingly expanding outside. For example, I love redesigning our garden and choosing plants that are not only beautiful, but also hugely useful for insects and other animals. For example, the Picking Flowers bag reminds me immensely of the flower picking garden that Sarah has. A great place with beautiful flowers. Who doesn't get happy about that? 

One of my favorites is the ginkgo. There is a beautiful specimen in my parents' garden. The Sunny Greetings is therefore still on my wish list, the ginkgo has such beautiful leaves! Instant memories of my childhood. 

Follow Dorina on her account Plant&Stek and discover the booklet ‘Groene Vingers’ (“Green Fingers”) she just released in collaboration with Loopvis Publishing.

Photographer portrait: Laura Claessens


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