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Keecie enthusiast from Belgium: Annemie


In Keecie, Annemie sees her love of the garden and original design coming together. She recounts her first purchase and that to her surprise, one of her favorite plants appears as a screenprint on one of our purses.



Ten years ago, a friend and I first discovered Keecie together here in Belgium, at the opening of a new lifestyle store. What a fine Dutch brand! We both bought a Mini Tweet keychain: in fact, she a Faded Blue, I a Dusty Green. We enjoyed it for years. Whenever we saw each other's keychain, we said: remember... Meanwhile, I have a Tweet Silver and the new color, Powder Pink. How nice that when she created this color, Klaartje was inspired by a hollyhock. You see, I am a real gardener and after years of trying, I finally managed to grow pink hollyhocks in the garden last year. My garden was always “neatly laid out,” but now I have turned most of the lawn into flower beds. The more color, the better. Like the 14 colors of the soft and supple Italian leather Keecie works with. Fantastic, isn't it, that choice of color!


I am not going abroad anytime soon. One of my favorite activities in my spare time is finding nice places in my area and getting new impressions. It gives me a lot of energy and inspiration. This both in a city and 'on the outside', as we say here. A new place to eat or a flower I hadn't seen anywhere before. There is something to discover everywhere, if you look carefully. On these trips, you soon need a few things besides the wallet and keychain anyway, so I take a large handbag with me. The first Keecie bag I bought was the Fauna & Flora in Dusty Green. With the two separate, practical compartments, an umbrella, sweater, or gloves can fit in there as well.


Several years ago, I discovered the little plant “Zeeuws knoopje” - Astrantia Major. How beautiful nature can be. It took me a while to find this little wonder in a plant store, but now the fragile little flower is also blooming lushly in my garden. So I was very pleasantly surprised when I was looking for a new purse and discovered the screen print in the Flash Forward: the Zeeuws knoopje. Sold! Being an eternal optimist, I chose the color Pink – La vie en rose!


Keecie design

As an interior designer, I have a soft spot for original design. Whether it's a chair, a coffee bag, a matchbox, or a purse, the design has to be spot on. The stylish and timeless designs of Keecie's handbags appealed to me from the first photo I saw popping up via Instagram. Top that off with the choice of 14 colors, 3 leathers and the original, thoughtful screen prints and you have my favorite brand.

Choosing from the different colors is ultimately the easiest thing I find when making a new purchase. My second Keecie would be a Coral Red. A small one this time, for those “I'm taking as little ballast as possible with me today” moments: a walk with the dog, a trade fair visit. But then...so many models...searching, comparing, still checking out the alternative. I can get lost in details. Then the screen print also has to match my personality. It ended up being the Lunch Break. The screen print did it, I could probably picture myself sitting on that bench!

Follow Annemie on @avdpbelgium to experience her latest discoveries with us.

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