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Keecie lover: MARLOES

We start the new year with Marloes who tells us why it took her a while to buy her first Keecie, even though she was immediately in love with our brand.

I think I've known Keecie from the very beginning. I fell in love with the style and the colours straight away. Especially the silkscreen prints on the inside made me never let go of the brand. It took a while before I bought my first bag and that was only because of one thing… I. just. could. not. choose… and when I finally chose the right bag for me, I had to decide which colour. Such a hard thing to do, haha!



I have had my Flora & Fauna shoulder bag in Faded Blue for about 7 years. The other bags I bought in the following years. I like to mix and match, and I like colour.

I have a Move Mountains bag in cognac, because I thought that colour should definitely be in my collection. The vintage feel of the Move Mountains pin closure…so beautiful! That is why I also have the purse in the colour Pink. I have been using it for 9 years and it still looks beautiful. And there is the Cat Chase bag in Gold, because gold matches with everything and is so festive!


The Goose Bumps is a bag that you will no longer find in the Keecie collection. It has such a nice feminine touch with a beautiful screen print of geese, and I love green so that had to be the colour.

The key rings are also a favourite. The nice Mini Tweet birds I use for my bicycle key and my house key, in Yellow and in Coral.

The only thing that is missing is a bag to take to work. I already know which one I am going to pick: the Hungry Harry. I hesitated between the Elephant Joke and the Hungry Harry, but the silkscreen print of the giraffe was the deciding factor. As a child I was fascinated by these animals, their colours and the way they move… as if they are walking in slow motion. Now all I have to do is take the plunge and choose the right colour. I think it will be Aubergine.

My daughters are also in love with Keecie. Tess has the small Cat Chase wallet in Forest and my daughter Floor has the Tweet Bird bag in Yellow. The boys use the Mini Tweet for their keys when they go to school or run an errand.

I like products with a good story which are made by hand, using traditional methods. As is the case with all Keecie items. In addition, sustainability is key to them and that is important to me as well, because if I buy something it is for the long run.  And a Keecie actually gets more beautiful with use!

I do also have a wish for the future. I'm a beekeeper, so I secretly hope that Klaartje will design a bag with a silkscreen print of a beehive with a few bees.


Marloes Heering

@marloessill (Instagram)




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