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Tadaaa… a new bag in the Keecie collection: Little Fox


It is always exciting to launch a new design. Are you going to be just as enthusiastic about it as we are? In this blog you can read more about the inspiration behind the Little Fox.


The idea for the bag arose because we regularly hear that our shoulder bags are a favourite with your kids and that they secretly use them sometimes. In our opinion, the Little Fox is ideal for all mothers who (have to) share their bags. Thanks to the handy adjustable shoulder strap, she can borrow it from a young age.


One of Keecie’s characteristics is that we make bags that last for years. The leather actually gets more beautiful when it ages. So, the Little Fox was also kind of designed with the idea that, after sharing it now and then, you can eventually pass it on to your daughter, niece or your favourite girl next door. As you can imagine, we didn't have to think long about the print of Mummy Fox with her fox pup on the inside.

In addition to sustainable and beautiful, we also want our designs to be functional. That is the second reason why we opted for the adjustable shoulder strap. You can wear this handy crossbody bag on the front or back of your body at exactly the height you like. As you have your hands free this is an ideal bag to take with you on a trip or to go out dancing.  

Inside you will find a large compartment for your phone for example and a small compartment which will fit the Mini Me purse or several cards. Next to that there is a flat compartment at the front along the entire breadth of the bag. So, enough space to store all your valuables.



If you and your daughter want to wear similar bags at the same time but you need more space, check out at the Wish Tree shoulder bag. It is larger, but in terms of design and fastener it’s a relative of the Little Fox. Both are available in our 15 characteristic Keecie colours. You can choose to wear the same colour or different ones if you prefer. Not sure which one to pick? Request a colour swatch here.

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