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Tips to keep your Keecie looking beautiful


This way you can enjoy your bag for years to come.

At Keecie, we only use durable Italian leather that has been treated in such a way that it requires almost no maintenance. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind.




You can choose Keecie bags, wallets and accessories in three types of leather:


This includes the colors Moss, Cognac and Dark Brown. This leather is called Used Look because you will get a patina, as it is so beautifully called, faster on this leather. Through use, the leather comes to life and will quickly become supple and get a beautiful, weathered look.


This includes the colors Faded blue, Aubergine, Yellow, Soft Pink, Dusty Green, Ink Blue, Forest, Cement, Black and Coral. This leather is completely colored, so not just the top layer. Important for all Keecie products, because this way our print comes to the fore.


This is leather with a foil layer in silver or gold, which is printed on it by means of a heat press.




Soft Pink, Cement, Coral, Faded Blue, Ink Blue, Aubergine, Yellow, Forest of Dusty Green

If there is a stain on your bag or wallet or if it has become a bit grubby due to use, it is best to put some soft soap like Green Soap on a wet cloth. Gently rub the area in circular motions with the wringed out wet cloth.

Note: never press hard on 1 spot.




Keep your Keecie leather item away from direct sunlight and other heat sources as much as possible. This can cause discoloration.


In principle, our bags can withstand rain very well. The water will run right off your bag. If your leather bag gets wet because of a bottle of water that wasn't closed properly, let it dry upside down. You can put kitchen roll into it. Do not place the bag near a heater, as you can get streaks from the water.


Because your Keecie bag has no lining, the inside of your bag is also made of leather. If you want to clean the inside of the bag, you can use a damp cloth. You can also go over the screen print as long as you don't rub too hard. Once in a while I run the vacuum cleaner through my bag. Definitely recommended, because then you have to empty your bag completely which is the perfect opportunity to clean it out at the same time.


Do you have an item of colored leather and an ink stain from a pen? You can rub this off with a miracle sponge. But don't rub too hard. You can’t do this with items of Used Look leather. Also be careful with your dark jeans. They can stain the Used Look leather.


If there is a scratch on your Used Look leather bag that you would like to remove, you can do so with a hair dryer. Because the leather has been treated with paraffin, the scratches will melt due to the heat of the hair dryer.


We value sustainability and want you to enjoy your Keecie for many years to come. We take this into account when designing, but also with the choice for our high-quality zippers and press studs. However, if there is a problem with your bag or wallet, please contact us. We will make sure that it is repaired so that your item is like new again.

If you have any questions, you can always send an email to post@keecie.nl Preferably with a photo so that we can try to help you in the best way possible.


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