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It's that time of year again when people ask you for your wish list. Find it difficult to choose something nice for yourself or do you have to come up with a gift for someone who doesn't know what to ask?

Below you will find a couple of gift ideas, from small to large, that wouldn't look out of place on any list.

  1. Always looking for your keys? Then the Mini Tweet is really a good idea. This bird never flies away. And if someone's moving house, the Good House key ring is an ideal gift.
  1. Santa’s priority of course is presents for the children. The Mini Me wallet fits perfectly in a stocking. Great for their first pocket money.
  1. Your chase for a beautiful gift is over. The Cat Chase wallet small has a very practical layout for those who only need some cards, change and their ID.
  1. The Pen Pal is a flat pencil case that fits easily in your handbag. Do you like to write and are always having to search for a pen in your bag? Then the Pen Pal should not be missing from your list.

  1. If you like functional and vintage, the Move Mountains wallet is the one for you. Available in 15 different colours so something to everyone’s liking.
  1. The Hide & Seek is not only a case to protect your phone, but also has an extra compartment for your cards and bank notes. For those who like to have everything at hand in one go.
  1. Do you know someone with a lot of wishes, big or small? The Small Wishes wallet is for wishing someone very happy holidays.
  1. The Cat Chase small has already been featured above but is also available in a medium size. If, in addition to your money and cards, you also like to keep pictures and sweet notes in your wallet.
  1. Do you have a sister with whom you often go out for lunch? For her the Lunch Break is the ultimate gift. On the inside a print of your favourite lunch café.
  1. The Cat Chase bag in silver is definitely the bag to take with you to Christmas dinner. A fan of even more sparkle? There is also a gold version.
  1. For those who like a party, we would pick the Backing Vocals. You carry your backing choir with you, so a festive evening is guaranteed.
  1. Since the Move Mountains wallet is one of our favourites, we also included a shoulder bag in our collection. Same print, same durable Italian leather…just a little bigger.

  1. The Lazy Boy helps us remember to take a step back every now and then and schedule a few lazy hours. A perfect reminder for those who tend to overstretch themselves.
  1. If you like to be prepared for anything, we suggest the Picking Flowers. Enough space for your water bottle, small umbrella and a notebook.
  1. A home away from home, that is what the Room Service is. On the inside a beautiful screen print of a living room. A wonderful bag to travel with. Enough space to carry a lot of snacks for you to take on the road.
  1. Last but not least, there is the newest bag in the Keecie collection: the Wish Tree shoulder bag. Sturdy and stylish. The name alone makes this the ultimate gift on your wish list.


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