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Keecie lover: Ruth


Ruth tells us which item she fell in love with first, how her love for Keecie has grown over the past 10 years and that she doesn't just use our bags for carrying around her things…


My name is Ruth, on Instagram @ruth_ela

I live with my husband and two kids in a nice 1930s house in the south of the country. I work as a remedial educationalist and love interior design and looking for beautiful (vintage) items. So much so that I even sell them in the @yay.sugar.pie instashop that I run with a friend.

I remember it like it was yesterday: my first Keecie item. It was the Cat Chase medium. A Cognac coloured one. When I saw this leather wallet I was sold. And the wallet too. What an asset! And the leather still looks beautiful. Like I just bought it.

Over the past 10 years I have expanded my Keecie love quite a bit. The Backing Vocals (colour Forest), Lunch Break (in the colour Cement), Move Mountains (in Soft Pink) and Hungry Harry (Cognac colour) are now my favourite bags that I use every day. In it I always carry the Mini Tweet key ring (Yellow) and the Hide & Seek (Dusty Green) phone case.


Having several Keecie’s makes that I have a bag to fit every occasion. When I go to work, I take the Hungry Harry with me. It is very spacious; you can even fit a laptop in it. This bag also has a handy separate compartment so that I have to search for my keys a little less often.

If I'm going to run an errand or I’m going out for dinner, I choose the Lunch Break or the Move Mountains. My phone, key ring and Hide & Seek fit perfectly in there. I use the latter as a wallet. It is perfect to carry a couple of cards, receipts and possibly some change.

If I want to take as little as possible with me, I choose the Backing Vocals and the Mini Me (in Soft Pink). A wonderfully compact bag! And the small wallet is perfect for my bank card, some spare change, and my key.



The colour on all items remains beautiful over the years, the leather softens, and everything retains their shape. That makes me love to keep using my them. And I also highly recommend Keecie to my friends.

And if I'm very honest...I can't miss them in my interior either. Because of the candy stripe colours they match so well with our house. The bags always hang from a chair, bench or door handle. So I can enjoy them even more!




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