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Your sustainable leather bag by Keecie


At Keecie, sustainability is one of our top priorities. We strive to be as sustainable as possible in every aspect of our process, from design to end project and beyond. As a brand, we believe it’s important to take responsibility and minimize our impact on the environment. That’s why we focus on sustainability in everything we do.


Embracing responsibility

We understand the desire to make a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable world. That’s why we take our responsibility very seriously and continuously strive to reduce our environmental impact at every stage of our process. We choose to only work with partners who share the same vision on sustainability. Our dedication starts with the choice of materials during the design phase and extends to packaging and shipping via bicycle courier. On top of that, we take responsibility by offering a free Repair Service in case your bag gets damaged. This way, we aim to minimize our environmental impact as much as we can.

Crafted with premium materials

Our bags are crafted from only premium materials. We exclusively work with top-quality Italian leather that is tanned according to strict European environmental regulations. You can find our certification here. The leather we use is derived from a residual stream, utilizing hides that would otherwise go to waste after the meat, milk and wool have been extracted. Every year, the industry processes over 8 million tons of these hides, transforming them into durable, long-lasting products. If nothing were done with these hides, we would have a massive waste problem.


But why do we choose leather instead of an alternative? Most alternatives, like ‘vegan leather’ or ‘faux leather’ currently on the market, are made from plastic. Some designers, for example, use recycled PET bottles and promote their design as ‘vegan leather’. However, scientific research has shown that synthetic leather is far more harmful than traditional leather. Furthermore, plastic has a shorter lifespan. These types of bags tend to break more easily, leading to more consumption. For these reasons, we continue to choose real leather until a better, more sustainable option becomes available. We closely monitor developments in this field.

Craftsmanship in a small-scale atelier

With Keecie, you choose a sustainable leather bag that lasts for a lifetime. We not only focus on creating beautiful designs but also expectational quality.

It starts with the design process, where attention is given to every single detail. For example, our leather bags don’t have linings. It’s a component that is prone to wear and tear easily and doesn’t add much value in our opinion. And how about our production process? Your leather bag should not only last long, but also be responsibly made. To bring our design to life, we work together with a family-run atelier in Poland, known for their generations of expertise in artisanal handcrafting and sewing techniques.

Timeless design

Our bags are not driven by trends, so they stand the test of time. We don’t focus on trends, but draw inspiration from design classics. At Keecie, we believe in slow fashion. The result? A non-seasonal collection that exudes simplicity and fits every occasion and wardrobe. Some of our best-selling models were designed over 15 years ago, showing their timeless appeal. Our continuous collection is available in 16 timeless colours.

How to take care of your leather bag

Taking good care of the things you own is an important aspect of sustainable consumption. By taking care of your leather bag in the right way, you can ensure that it stays beautiful and maintains its functionality for longer. To help you, we curated a Care & Repair Guide on how to keep your leather bag looking beautiful for a lifetime.

Free repair service 

Our products are designed in a way that the chance of damage is minimal. However, there’s always a possibility that a zipper breaks, a fastener doesn’t close properly or a stitch may become undone. If something does happen to your Keecie product, we are happy to provide our free Repair Service. Click here to see how it works.

Stay up-to date

Sustainability is extremely important to us. We constantly strive to improve our brand. Would you like to stay informed about our journey to an even more sustainable approach? Sign up here for our newsletter

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